6. About me

zzzjvsfaceMany visiters ask me to say something about my myself, who I am, my credentials, and why I write the  “Spiritualy and Meditations”at my website.  Hopefully the following will help.  I welcome further inquiries and I’m happy to supply references to scholars, clergy, and friends who have guided me and worked closely with me over the past thirty years.

To know God and his love for us more fully

One of the marvels of the “world-wide-web” (www) is that it can link families, friends, and communities near and far away across the world.  It’s a great resource for visually communicating wisdom, knowledge, and experience.  When it is at the service of truth and beauty it can enrich and ennoble those who use it.

My aim and prayer is that the “Spiritualy and Meditations” website will inspire and call those who use it to seek the truth of God’s Word in scripture with a passionate desire to know God and his love for us more fully.  God loves an earnest seeker and rewards those who “search diligently” for wisdom and understanding.

Brief biography

One of my favorite verses from Scripture is Psalm 115:1: “Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness!” Hopefully my brief biography will show how God has been gracious and merciful towards me.

I have known the Lord and tasted of his goodness as long as I can remember since my early youth. My father, who was born and raised in Lontras – SC, Brazil,  came from a Catholic . My mother, who was born and raised elso in Lontras – SC, Brazil, came from a German Catholic tradition.  I have been a Roman Catholic all my life and actively involved in  bible study, catechetics, pastoral and evangelistic work, lay renewal movements, and cooperative with Christians from other traditions and denominations.

I thank my parents who raised me in the faith, along with two brothers and ten sisters, and taught me to love God with all my heart through their example and faithfulness. My dad loved to sing every Sunday at Mass in the church choir; and I tried to sing along with him as best as I could.  My mother loved to tell me stories from the Bible and she inspired me to read biographies and stories of great men and women of God, many of whom were martyrs, missionaries, and heroes of the faith. I am also grateful to the parish priests and the Sisters of Charity who inspired me with their faith and love for God.  They instilled in me a desire to serve God and to be a missionary someday, if that be God’s will.  See more…